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13 Addictive Games & 122 Useful Utilities

Welcome to AppBundle! AppBundle is a one-stop destination where you will be able to get a unique collection of 122 utilities and 13 games. All these utilities apps are related to different fields which will help users of various professions. Entertainment will be fulfilled by exciting games with fun for ultimate players. We have kept our focus to deliver the most effective gathering of downloadable apps and games which are perfect for users of every age!
13 Games
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Finger Slayer:
Finger Slayer is very addictive and quick game.Where user avoding the sharp blade. And release his finger. The longer he late the blade to fall will increase his score more.
Sniper Attack: Combine the fast pace of action games with the pleasure of a accurate Sniper Shot, Sniper Attack giving thrilling game play live never before.Enemies are holding the entire city. It's your job to exterminate them. You will have a fixed time and limited bullet to target each before you become the target.
Soccer Champ:
Flip the soccer ball with finger and try for maximum goals.There are two modes Striker & Defense.Where you have to move your Goal keeper left and right to prevent the opposition from scoring a goal.
iTankster: is Addictive Tank Game. 30 Levels and 10 maps Included and you have to face different challenges.
Catch A Thief: Your goal is catch the thief and get hime behind bars! Your task is to unfold a pair of faces of the same thief. You have limited time period to complete your mission.
The Virus Killer: The goal of the game is to Kill All Viruses that display on your computer screen before they crash it. Virus attack will increase during game play, so stay alert and manage your memory level within the game.
Air Traffic Dash:
Launch Plane One By One By Clicking Anywhere On The Screen. Make Sure Its Do Not Collide!!! The Planes will go in different directions, and once launched you can't change the direction.
Spongy Bugs:
Spongy bugs is a simple and fun game that requires you to place the little bugs on the right side. The bugs will bounce from place to place, and you have to use your skills to move the divider and also use the powers timely so that you are successfully.
Ballon Blaster: is addictive doodle style Game. where you drag your finger left to right and control the top pin to pop the balloons. Get powers and ignore the skull and try to pop maximum Balloons.
Alpha Catcher: The Objective of the game is to click on the correct fish and try to identify the correct letters of each word or sentence in limited time period.
Sonic Square Touch: Your Objective is to control circle by your finger. To get More Points, hit green or blue circle or square. Avoid Red circle or square, else you lose the game. Get more powers for extra features.
Hungry Animals: The objective is to direct the falling food to correct animals. With players competing to see who can feed the most food correctly.
Star Spot: Star Spot required you to recall the latest flashing star while avoiding all the distractions that come your way.
122 Utilities
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Detective Camera:
Convert your regular iPhone or iPod 4 into a secret detective. Record video and take photos in secret with this app. When the The app will display a black screen instead of standard iPhone screen, and so no one can tell you are taking video or photos.
Tip: If you do not want it to make any clicking sound when taking a photo or video then be sure to plug in your headphone to remain fully silent.
Family Picker:
Family Picker helps you randomly decide who is responsible for the housework. Simly enter the type of work that needs to be done and then click start. Family Picker will randomly select one person either the Mom, Dad or Kids. Use this when no one wants to do the chore. Let Family Picker decide for you who should do it. In addition, you can edit the work type as well.
My Location - I'm Here:
I am here display your current location on GPS map and allows you to send a message with your current location by Email or SMS.
If you arranged to meet someone in a strange place you can use this app and send you location. It will become very easy.
Group SMS:
Group SMS allows you define groups and send SMS to them easily. Setup up groups like Best Friends, Family, or whatever group you would like. Create as many groups you like and quick send SMS's to them.
NOTE: Sending Group SMS messages seems to only work on on iOS version 4.2 or higher.
Body Fat Calculator :
With body fat calculator, find out the amount of body fat you're carrying. The body fat measurement consists of: Age, Weight, Height, Waist, Neck, Hips, Level of Activity & find your body fat in percentage.
The most accurate and handy Altimeter is here. It gives you the altitude where ever you are. Simply start the app and altitude will appear within a few seconds, No setup required. You can also adjust the altitude in either Feet or Meters.
Top Features
- GPS signal Receiver
- Enhanced Map View
- Climb Rate Calculator
- Instant Camera for capturing special moments

Note: Make sure the GPS signal is available. GPS signal light will be green when the signal is available. Sometimes it might require you to be outside in order to receive the GPS signal.

GPS Altitude works only with the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and iPhone 4G.
Farting Bomber:
Farting Bomber works as a time bomb and plays an embarrassing fart sound when it explodes! Simply select time duration between 0-30 seconds. and click on Armed. With special voice sound control you can also play fart sound.

Note: Play a joke on a group of friends. Set the time and start the stink bomb, and watch how it shocks your friends.
Crystal Fortune:
Have Questions? Are you worried about the future? Let The Crystal Fortune answer your most critical questions! Tap on the Crystal Ball to read the question and tap again to reveal an answerr.

Note: Use the cheat feature to impress, scare, surprise your friends and family. Enter pre-defined answers that you want to appear.
To Do:
To Do - Create Check List Of Things To Do's lets you keep track of important tasks and meetings. Do you have trouble remembering the last time you missed you meeting? Checked your credit score? Cooked tonight?
With a simple, clean, and elegant user interface, along with useful and logical features, like include optional due dates, priority ranking, completion indicator, sorting and manual ordering, share via email and more! Only two clicks are required to create a simple task. Finish a task? Either delete it or check it off if you want to remember it.
Magniflying Glass:
Magnify Night Reader can transform your iPhone into a Magnifying Glass. With convenient slider support you can zoom in from 1X to 3X. Plus you also take a picture of what youíre reading to save for later. For iPhone 4 Users Only, you can turn on the front light while reading at night.
Volume Calculator:
Volume Calculator enables you to quickly determine the volume & surface area of 10 three-dimensional shapes. This could be very useful either at work or at school.
Where Am I?:
WHERE Am I uses your current location to display your longitude, latitude, altitude, street, city, country and zip code. Click on Refresh button to track your position as you move. You Can view your location in Map, Satellite & Hybrid modes.
Home Land Security:
Home Land Security provides real time access to threat level alert information provided by the US Department of Homeland Security. This app is specially designed to guide and alert you with different levels of terrorist attacks.

Type Of Security Levels:
SEVERE: Severe Risk Of Terrorist Attacks
HIGH: High Risk Of Terrorist Attacks
ELEVATED: Significant Risk Of Terrorist Attacks
GUARDED: General Risk Of Terrorist Attacks
LOW: Low Risk Of Terrorist Attacks
Zoom Camera:
Zoom Camera Adds a real-time digital zoom to the iPhone Camera. Drag slider for zoom in/out and take photo. The taken photo is stored in the default iPhone Photo Library.
Kiss Me Baby!!!:
Kiss Me Baby app allows you to add lipstick kiss marks to any photo. Simply take a photo from photo library or using your camera and add one of the 7 different lips to the photo. After taking photo you can instantly email to your friends.
Finger Scanner Security:
Finger Print Scanner is great app for securing your iPhone or iPod. Plus it's great for entertaining your friends and showing them how you have special access. Simply put finger on the scanner and it'll scan and verify your finger. Giving access to only the owner and denying other people from using the device.
Type n Go: Type n Go App allows you to see what's in front of you while typing a message. It's done by activates the camera so that you can see what's in front of you. In addition, you can update the text with different colors, copy message for pasting in an email or texting.
The application displays a transparent view of what's directly in front of you, this will help you avoid obstacles while typing a message.
G Latitude:
View Google Latitude. See where your friends are right now.
Military Night Vision:
Transform your iPhone or iPod into a military binocular.
You'll be able to zoom in or out, plus you'll be able to simulate the camera innight vision telescope, night vision binoculars, and sniper scope.
Glow Paint:
Glow Paint is the ultimate app to draw glow doodle and glow sticks and create stylish glow graffiti. With many bright and delightful colors and shapes you could send a sweet hand-made card to your significant other or even deliver cards to all of your friends.
- 30 brush shapes
- 25 different shades of colors
- One click Save painting or clear all
- Different brush size
- Eraser for removing particular painting area
Water Intake:
How much water should you drink every day? Nobody knows for sure and different people have different views. With this app you can find out easily. Simply enter your weight, physical activity, your environmental conditions, and find your daily suggested water consumption amount.
Christmas Deals 2010:
Christmas Deals 2010 by CheapDeals101.com specially designed for this day.With this app youíll find best deals for popular products on Christmas. Christmas ( December , 25th ) is the biggest shopping day of the year. Use this app to plan your shopping before Christmas
Sleep Jukebox:
Sleep sounds is perfect for relaxing, releasing your daily stress or help falling asleep. With various sounds loops to put you in a relaxed state. Sleep Sounds will relieve your soul. You can set sound play timing as per your requirement.
Language Translator:
Type a search expression in your language and this app will translate them for you to read in your language. You can convert words, sentences, etc. Simply enter your phrase, select your language, language you want to convert to ,and press convert for the result. Comes in handy but does require internet access.
Name Masher:
With Name Masher mix and match any two names. For example: Lennon + Cobain = Cole, Connon, Conon. Enter anything you like to see some funny and entertaining names.
Love Meter:
Is there someone you really like in this world? With Love Meter you can find all your answers easily. Simply enter the boy's and girl's name and press match up! This is for entertainment purposes. Use this on other friend couples as well.
Days Counter:
Find out how many days till your anniversary or birthday. Simply enter starting and ending date and calculate the days till event. Comes in handy during conversations or when you just want to know.
Leap Year:
LeapYear tells you whether the entered year is a leap year or not. Simply enter the year you want to find and press the check button for the result.
Heat Index Calculator:
The Heat Index Calculator is a tool for measuring the apparent temperature. Simply enter Air Temperature & Dew Point to calculate the "feels" like temperature. This comes in handy in especially humid city where the heat index can tell you what it really feels like in your area.
Black Friday Deals 2010: Introducing Black Friday Deals 2010 by CheapDeals101.com specially designed for this day. With this app youíll find best deals for popular products on Black Friday. Black Friday ( November , 26th ) is the biggest shopping day of the year. Use this app to plan your shopping before Black Friday.
Image Protector: Image Protector is an image storage utility designed for security. Store your private photos and keep your photos safe from snooping eyes with a secret password
Flash Lights: The flashlight is a tool that converts your iPhone or iPod into a flashlight. You never know when this can come handy. Find your waythru a dark room, unlock your door, unlock your car or a thousand other issues where it might come in handy. You'll be able to customize the color as well as adjust the brightness.
Password Generator: Password Generator create secure passwords for you to use. Using real words and numbers as a base. In addition, you can copy it to the clipboard to use within another app or website after generating a password.
Sales Tax Calculator: Tax calculator is a simple sales tax calculator designed to be intuitive yet reliable. Calculate your tax within a few seconds before standing in line. Know exactly what you'll pay once you add in sales tax. It also supports multiple currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Pound, and Yen.
BMR: BMR is an easy to use Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator. Simply enter your sex, weight, height, age and press calculate button to find your exact BMR amount.
Converter: Converter allows you to convert temperature and speed. For example with temperature you can convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Comes in handy when you're traveling to another country and need to convert.
Speed: Have you ever scratched your head converting miles per hour into kilometer per hour? It converts speed from different source units to destination units. (i.e, mile/hour to km/hour)
Count Down: Cooking something, need to call someone back after a few minutes, or any number of things. Just set the time for example to 10 minutes to be reminded.
Age Birth Finder: Want to know how old you are? AgeBirth Finder calculate your age into Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes and in Seconds. To view your age, simply enter your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) and press calculate. . It also shows you home many months and days till your next birthday.
Tap Counter: Tap Counter allows you to track something easily without having to remember which number you're currently on.. Simply enter name and start tapping. Tap Counter can save display scores as well.
Drums: Everyone want to play the drums? Here is your chance! Play the drums just for fun when you have a few seconds.
Leveler: It's a handy application that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a leveler. The leveler includes vertical and horizontally options to use. Will come in handy when you need to check if the picture frame or any other surface is leveled or not.
Rank Generate: Rank Gen allows you to add player names and then click on generate to see who goes first. This comes in handy when you need to identify who should go first. Enter the names of your friends and let Rank Gen decide randomly who should go first.
Pop Bubbles: Pop bubble is absolute time waster! Do you love popping those air bubbles? It's very simple app in which you have to pop "Bubbles" within a limited time period. You have 60 seconds to pop as many bubbles as possible can with 1 point for each bubble.
Holiday: When is Christmas this year? How many days till Thanksgiving day? Useful when discussing with Friends or Family and need to know to make plans. Holidays Calendar shows the holidays for 2010 and 2011 holidays within the USA. Shows you number of days till that holiday plus additional useful information.
Fake miss call: Display a fake missed call on your phone. Comes in handy when you need to get out of somewhere to make a call.
Guitar Tuner: Easy Guitar Tuner turns your iPhone or isPod touch into a virtual guitar. You can press and strum strings, just like a real guitar.
Currency Converter: Traveling to another country? Find out what your currency is worth and what you should expect. Just enter amount, select both countries and click to find the latest currently rates. Rates might vary slightly at the exchange location, however, use this as a reference from a planning standpoint.
Strobe: Get the party started by turning your iPhone or iPod touch into an amazing strobe light!! Simply click the button to change color of strobe. It's very useful at a party, to get someone's attention far away such as in a parking lot or in an emergency situation!
Beep: Are you angry that your friends or colleagues keep on swearing? You can now let them know what you think about it by beeping them every time they swear. Do you want to say a few things you should not, then use it to beep yourself. Just tap the button bleep #$!@#$ them out.
Country Codes: Need to call another country but don't know the country code. Simply enter the Country Name to find the country code. It's very useful for professionals and individuals, especially when you're traveling to a new country for the first time.
Moon Info: Get information on the moons and planets of our solar system.
Car Loan Calculator: You see your dream car and you are aware with its cost and down payment, now what is the monthly payment? With this app Simply Enter a loan amount, Down Payment, Loan terms and Interest rate Click calculate to find out your monthly payment, total paid and interest paid. Don't let the bank of the dealer tell you the monthly payment.
Margin Calculator: Easily calculate your profit margin. Simply enter selling price, cost price and calculate. It will display margin amount with percentage and markup. It's ideal for anyone working it sales or anyone who owns a business.
Siren: Perfect for scaring your kids, annoying friends or getting peopleís attention! You can individually adjust animation and sound controls.
Dice Roll: Love to roll dice? Simple dice roller with the option to roll multiple random dices. You can also view your history of rolled dice as well.
Random Word: Out of words? Out of ideas? Generate random words by simply clicking the generate button to generate a new word. Plus generate words with specific letters, etc.
Mirror: With Real Mirror you can turn your iPhone into a handy pocket mirror. Use this when you need to check your hair, teeth, or face!
Select 6 different frame modes with camera and 3 different zoom level also available for more accuracy.
G Reader: View Google Reader
G Chat: Chat with friends on Google Talk
G Email: Check your Gmail with one click
Bavoo: Find Paid To FREE Apps, Find Top Apps And More..
Install 460 kinds of emoji expression or icon symbols in your iphone. You can use emoji icons for writing something in notes, sending sms to family and frriends Emoji's allow you to express your feelings in ways you might not be able to in words. Simple follow the instructions and start expressing your feelings! With quick SMS facility build in, you can directly send sms Emoji's to anyone wihtout have to exit the application.
NOTE: Sending SMS Emoji's only works on iOS version 4.2 or higher.
Fun Colored Email:
With 23 different color text and 9 different font size you can create fun colorful text email's.
Simply select the text size, text color, and get a a quick preview before sending. Colored email is great when you want to wish some on a birthday or any other happy occasion.
Around Me:
With the Around me app you can find the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital and much more. Simply click on around me and let it find out for you what's around you!
Its quickly identifies your position and shows you near by locations on a map. Plus it allows you to quickly get a direct route to the location as well, plus tells you the distance from where you are in either miles or kilometers.
Group Mail:
Group Email is useful in allowing you to send Email to a defined group. Define your Group and then quickly with a few clicks send an email to all group members. Groups Email allows you to create new groups as well as modify your existing group and contacts.
You can create work, family, friend and different type of groups and send email messages on one click.
G Voice:
With google voice you can make FREE calls to anywhere in U.S and Canada. Simply enter in your User ID and Password and start calling.
Cropster is the easiest and fastest way to crop, rotate, resize or flip your photos without loosing your photo quality. Use it for editing a photo before uploading it on to facebook, twitter or sending it to your friends. Cropster is super easy to use.
Select your photo from library or take camera photo and drag the dots to crop your photo. It's that easy! Cropster is optimized to easily handle extra large photos which other crop apps can't!

Features Included:
- Crop Photos
- Rotate Photos
- No Image Quality Loss
- Flip Photos
- Aspect Ratio Control
- Instant Capture & Crop Photos
- Easy to Use interface
Heart Rate Calculator:
Heart Rate Calculator helps you understand target heart rate zone. You can easily track your heart rate during your workouts. Simply enter you age and select the type of exercise and with in a few seconds itíll display your training heart rate zone in Beats Per Minute.
Front Light:
Front Light is Next Generation Real FlashLight Only For The NEW iPhone 4. Its Fastest & Simplest LED Flashlight In The App Store. The Brightest Light You Will Find, With You At All Times.
- Instant On Light When App Activates
- LED Light With Camera
- Strobe Light Effect with speed control
- Clapping LED Light On/Off Control
- LED Light With Camera Zoom In Out
- Flip Device On/Off Control
- Multiple Tap Light On/Off
- Engery Saving Light
- Set Custom Light Timing
- Battery Indicator
Phone Tracker:
Get the best real phone tracker that really works. Make your friends believe as if you have special government clearance that allows you to track down any phone number any where in the world! Your family and friends will be stunned to learn that you have special security clearance!
The app connects to special satellites that will track down any and every phone number on the planet! Simply enter a phone number, and watch as our satellites track down the phone from anywhere on the planet. All this power all in one simple app!
Fish Trophy:
With this app you can catch a trophy size fish. Simply load picture from library or take real time photo and add a huge fish to your photo. Instantly create a phone as if you are a master fisherman. You can control the size, rotation, brightness, and sharpness of the fish.
Cook Timer:
With the Cook Timer app you can take back control of meal time. This app can be used to manage multiple cook times for your stove or oven. You can set up 4 timers at once, plus setup a snooze if additional cooking is required.
Life Tips:
Read a tip or two every day, when you're stress, need a break. We wanted to share some of our life tips with you which hopefully makes your day a little better.Simple tips on life, health, family and happiness. Save your favorite tips or email your favorite tips to your friends.Let us know what you think. If you like them then we promise to add hundreds more in the next update :- )
Color Picker:
Color Picker is an intuitive color picker that allows you to easily visualize color schemes. Simply drag the cursor and select color depending on your color needs. It will display RGB, HSV and HEX value of the color.
1888PressRelease: is the best way to distribute your news and increase your online visibility.To distribute your press releases and increase press coverage, has an extensive distribution network consisting of Website, RSS Feeds, Blogs, plus additional distribution points.
Photo Rotate:
Photo Rotate is a simple and perfect solution to rotate your pictures in right angle. With one click you its allows you to rotate your photo 90 degrees. Its very helpful when you have a photo that just isn't in the correct direction.
Photo Date Label:
Photo Date Label is a simple tool that will add date & time label to your photo automatically when you take it with your iPhone's camera. The date will be added automatically based on how you hold the camera. This is ideal when you want to make sure the date is saved on the photo itself.
iG Custom:
View iGoogle, iG Custom is your personalized Google page thru the application. Add news, photos, weather, and stuff from across the web to your page.
Auto Camera: Auto camera allows you to set a timer of 5, 15 & 30 seconds time duration before taking a photo This is ideal when you want to take a group photo and want to make sure everyone is included within the photo.
G Tasks:
View Google Tasks. Keep track of what you need to do.
Metronome allows musicians to mark time by giving a regular tick sound at a selected rate.Drag the arm vertically to change the tempo. It will display BPM (Beats Per Minute) and with stop button you can stop and start it again anytime.
Turn your iPhone into a massager. Your iPhone will works like an electronic vibrating massager. Massage your body, your face, your legs, or whatever.
In addition, you can set massager time duration and play sleep sound music to help you relax.
Note: This app works on the iPhone only! .
Plumb Bob:
A Plumb-Bob is a weight with a pointed tip on the bottom that is suspended from a string and use as a vertical reference line. It will display degree for particular positions. Plumb-Bob has been used since the time of ancient Egyptians to make sure their constructions are perfectly upright.
System Info:
System Info provides detailed information about your iPhone or iPod touch and helps you quickly check the current status of your device. Find out how much free space, what process are running, model, os and much more. SYSTEM INFO: Display Device Name, Id, Type, Model, OS, Version Name, Ip Address and more. STORAGE: View Total Disk Space, Used space, Free Space of device. PROCESS: View Running Process In Backend with ID.
Reaction Time:
Reaction Time is a little fun utility to test your reaction time. It helps you build your finger-eye coordination reaction time.The objection of the app is to press the launch button as fast as you can, as soon as you see the green light to launch the rocket. Your reaction time recorded in milliseconds for you to view. See if you can beat your fastest reaction time!
Laughing JukeBox:
Do you know that laughing is the best exercise for your health? With Laughing Jukebox you will make you and people around you happy. Itís an entertaining app to cheer you up. Did you know that even hearing someone laugh makes many people happier. So hopefully this adds a little smile on your faces on days when you need it most. You can loop it for continuous laugh.
Periodic Table:
Periodic table is complete reference to the Periodic Table of Elements. It includes useful information such as an element's atomic name & weight, melting point, boiling point, density, group, and year discovered etc. This app can be quite useful for students looking for a quick reference. All 112 elements are organized by number. You can view with by elements listing or group table wise.
Waterfall Sound:
The sound of water is one of the most soothing forms of relaxation. This app will help you relax before bed with it's peaceful and high-quality sounds. You can set time duration for the sounds to let it turn off automatically. In addition, you get to view beautiful waterfall wallpapers with the option of a slideshow while listening to the soothing sounds.
CheapDeals101: is helps you find the best deals online, coupon codes, reviews and much more from a easy to use app. Please visit CheapDeals101.com for additional features and options.
Tip Calculator: : Calculate tips without having to count in your head! Perfect for restaurants, bars, and all tipping locations. Calculate based on a percentage plus divide the amount between multiple people.
Security Alarm: Security Alarm is the perfect application to catch those nosey people when they touch your phone without asking you! In addition, use it just to scare a friend or family member. When activated the alarm let you know of the incident.
Score Counter: It's a simple way to count score of your favorite game. Score Counter allows you keep track of multiple team scores. You can set up teams and game names with time limits. The history option allows you to see your past team scores as well.
Sale Savings: Sales price is an easy to use calculator for shoppers to find the final price after applying the discount. Just enter the price of the item with discount price and tax and it'll tell you how much you've saved.
BMI: BMI or Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat based on your body structure. With BMI Calculator you can find your Body Mass Index and growth percentage in seconds. All you need to do is enter your weight, sex and height and it will display exact BMI with body language weather its Obese, Normal or Under Weight. It's ideal for quick repeated calculations for those calculating their own BMI.
Angel Finder: Angle Finder allows you to easily rotate to a particular position to find out right angle. Angle finder is a perfect to test for surface or object level.
Measure: Measure any object by simply placing it on the device screen or just next to it. Want to measuring in centimeter? Not a problem! Just switch from centimeter to inches within the screen. You can even increase the measurement size by dragging your finger on the measurement.
Task Timer: Allows you to allocate an amount of time for a given task. Simply enter the time and let it countdown till the time is up. It allows you to pause in-between, plus see previous task times as well.
Sleep Well: Sleep Well illusions helps you fall asleep within minutes! Simply Concentrate your eyes on the center and feel relaxed. You can change the illusion animation by using the left and right arrows.
My IP Finder: My IP Finder is an application that display the Internal IP Address of your device. You can copy and paste it to another app or email it.
Random Num Generator: Random Number generates numbers within a specific range? Simply enter maximum and minimum number values and this app generate a random number with a single click.
Battery Life: Battery life shows the current battery status plus also estimates the remaining time for different tasks. Battery life tells you how much talk time, audio play back, video player or internet surfing time you have left on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Pet Age Calculator: Would you like to find how old your pet is in human years? Enter you pet's birth date and press Calculate to see their current human and animal age. With multiple options you can calculate your dog, cat, rabbit or horses age.
Fake SMS: FAKE SMS shows fake incoming text from your boss, your wife or a celebrity at the tap of an app. You can impress your friend and trick your enemies. Simply enter receiver name and enter message. You can even set message receive time as well.
Fake Call: Did you want to bail out on a date, meeting, or boss? Setup a fake call with name and time and let your app do the rest. Fake a celebrity call to impress your friends if you want.
Geo IP Locator: Geo IP Finder is an application designed to quickly and easily find information for any IP Address. Simply enter IP Address and it will provide information with Address, Area code, Metro Code, ISP & Organization.
Candle Light: Converts your iPhone or iPod touch into realistic candle. Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere by using the candle. Use this as a backup candle when you do not have a real candle, but want to let your spouse or girlfriend know that it's a special occasion.
USA Presidents: Get info on U.S Presidents such as birth date, birth place, years in office and party affiliation. This is hopefully educational and we will add additional info in future updates.
Desk Bell: Need an app to get someone's attention? Just tap on the bell and if required tap on it multiple times. You can select from 3 different bells with different sounds and animations.
Area code Finder: It's an ideal business application when you need to look up an area code quickly. The database consists of over 56,806 cities spanning the continental US. Simply enter City, State or Zip code and click find now button for results.
Scare The Kids: This app can be used to play scary sounds when you're with your friends or family! Play it on your little ones when required! It's a collection of short scary sounds. When you're little ones don't want to sleep, eat, vegetables, brush or whatever. For example tell them you're going to call the police and play the sound when required, hopefully they'll do it. Don't use it too frequently like I did otherwise it will not be as effective..:)
Let us know if you want additional sounds and we'll try to add it for you as well. The purpose is not to really scare the kids but just to get them to do what is best for them; so please do not frighten them unnecessarily such as playing a witch sound when you know it really scares them. 12 high quality sound buttons to choose from.
Mortgage Calculator: Compute your monthly payments for any home loan or mortgage. Calculates your monthly payments plus shows you total interest paid. Perfect tool for people thinking of buying a new home.
Amortize Calculator: View an amortization schedule for your mortgage payment.
Coin Flipper: Head or Tails? Need to decide who should do what, or what to decided between two options? Then why not flip for it!
Buzzer: Be the host of a quiz or game! Use the buzzer to let others know the answer is right or wrong or in any other fun manor.
Spell Check: Check your spelling to avoid embarrassing mistakes. Comes in handy when writing a quick note and need to verify a spelling.
G News: View Google News webpage thru the application.
G Calendar: View Google Calendar.
G Books: View Google Books thru app.
G Buzz: View Google Buzz
Y Mobile: View Yahoo Mobile
Zip code Finder: Zip Code Finder is a simple but effective way to locate zip codes and information on zip code within the United states only. Simply enter City, State, or Zip code to find more details on the zip code.
G Docs: View Google Docs
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